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Productive Procrastination

The last week has been a welcome change from the monotomy of my normal routine. I realised that I hadn't made much of my website and that I could and should be using it as an outlet for some of my creative urges. Rather than create some content and upload it I decided to scrap the old site and recreate it, coding it from scratch in my now much more minimalistic style.

Taking some cues from I rewrote the site, twice, in the space of about a week, uploading a couple of pictures and a blog post just to get a feel for what it would look like. Once I was at the point where the site was usable and ready to receive content I, rather than getting down to writing, decided that my PC wasn't the best place to write because the height of my desk doesn't allow for long periods of writing. "I'll use the laptop." I thought. Rather than opening it up, turning it on and getting started, I decided it would be better to install something a bit more minamalistic than a full office suite to do my writing on, Heaven forbid I get distracted!

By the time I got the laptop on I was barely logged in when my son came asking for help with his maths work. Well this would never do, I obviously needed to upgrade the laptop to make it faster whereby making useful those small amounts of time when I would otherwise be twiddling my thumbs either waiting for homework to be done or waiting for the blasted laptop to turn on. Anyway, here in Tianjin almost everything has next day delivery and what is a day when compared to a year's worth of writing?

Next morning, SSD and new RAM arrived, I took the laptop apart and stuck them in (it now turns on in about 10 seconds.) Time to boot up linux and get started then? Well I thought it may be better to put boot Arch (a notoriously minimalistic distrobution) and try a new window manager, as i3 had started to get a little stale after so long using it.

I git cloned a fresh copy of DWM and have spent the last few days patching and configuring it and installing everything I need (read changing almost every piece of software I use to try new things.)

Now that I have most of what I want installed and DWM configured mostly to my liking I can actually get down to writing something for the site. But here comes Brandon with his maths work...

Greg is a true Sinophile, fluent in Chinese and proficient in Tibetan he is a homeschooling Dad that also consults on the side. You'll often find him cigar in mouth, book in hand, waiting for someone to finish their work or for the coffee to brew.