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Brandon's First Day Back at Homeschool 2021

This is a photo I never got to take, the first day of the school year, with Brandon dressed up in his uniform. Being homeschoolers it never really occurred to me and he never had a uniform. But this year I decided to change that and to add a little more pomp and ceremony into our homeschool. First a uniform with our homeschool logo printed on it, to be worn everyday while we are doing work and then taken off once we are finished. No more starting whenever we (I) am awake and caffeinated, no we now start promptly at 9am. Lessons are to (as best they can be) set into time slots so they don't drag on too long. And everydays lessons are to be completed to keep us on schedule.

Greg is a true Sinophile, fluent in Chinese and proficient in Tibetan he is a homeschooling Dad that also consults on the side. You'll often find him cigar in mouth, book in hand, waiting for someone to finish their work or for the coffee to brew.