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A New Window Manager

Change of Workflow

i3 has been my goto DE for a few years now. I've cobbled toegther a pretty good workflow around it. However, after various updates and changes to the way I work, it has become more and more unruly. Here are my musings on what I've done with it, the problems I have with it, what new functions I want and how I'm going to acheive that. Basically its a plan for how I'm going to sort out the mess that is i3 on my computer.

The things I like about my setup:

  • auto go to workspace and open program
  • scritps bound to keys: script for vpn, password manager, youtube vid/aud download
  • I can move windows across monitors very intuitively.
  • configuring and changing keybindings etc is very quick and easy.

  • Things that I don't like

  • ranger: slow, previews
  • Wow Script stopped working
  • Wow 2 instances on 1 screen - wine issue
  • using too many browsers need to choose 1 and stick with it
  • too many document viewers
  • too many options for programs to use for simple things: text editors, image viewers,file managers,

  • What I want in a new setup

  • More control
  • Tighter setup, less programs only have installed the programs I need and will use
  • Less mouse apps, use keyboard imput as much as possible.
  • One browser with adblock that I can use from my bookmark script
  • 1 Document viewer that can ready ebooks, PDFs and text.
  • To be able to open 2 instances of WoW on one workspace.

  • New Setup Ideas

  • Arch
  • ST
  • NVIM
  • GIMP, Syncthing, Darktable, NNN, ?Img Viewer? sxi feh ?Vid Viewer? mplayer vlc? KDENLIVE, ?AUDACITY? ?BROWSER? surf? brave? DWM/BSPWM ?OFFICE SUITE? EMULATORS WINE, ?DOC VIEWER? SCRATCH ?SCREENKEY? ?NEOFETCH
  • Scritps: Dmenu Config
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